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Who wouldn't be depressed after hearing of this? I certainly feel that there is a need to appreciate all that he has done for us. He wi...

This is a good piece. I find that Protoman looks odd without his visor, but that is fine. I like how you had Protoman asking the humans...

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my pc is here
but i have to get my term paper done first before i can use it

but, i have a pc soon, so HOLD ONTO YOUR TITS!!...
Put It In
i can honestly say without a doubt
i am not sure what the actual fuck i am doing
also i didnt die horribly
sorry :XD:

i got fkn bored as shit at school in one of my classes and made this atrocious anal abomination.

welp, that shit's that.

I like to think the guy on the left and the guy on the right are building a human toaster and are trying to build it by taking the blueprints and attempting to 'put it in'.

no, you put your picture of a robot into something metal to build a robot, you don't simply just put the beeps and boops into a super complicated thing and then use cum-pooters to do more beepage and boopage

what are you stupid?

how would you make a robot by using a computer to "program" it and "welding and building" the robot "parts"?

you just shove a fkn voltron painting into the fridge


its fucking voltron bitch
I'm pretty fkn X-cited.
My dad was like
"ey u
i found a thing git up heer"
i did that
"its a cum-pooter"
and i said "pls yeh"
i gotta do some shit to pay back the other $44 i dont have for it
but besides that i have a mfkn cumpooter boi
hype in teh anus
its on the computer site for
so hell yeh
see u soon then
Mega Man blast gif
I need to do homework
But that can wait until pre-due date. :XD:

Ok, so let me explain.

You say these things you say and do are all for satirical purposes.

The only problem?

It is offending the people you wish to amuse.

I may be a man of poor word choice.
I may have my own problems.
Hell, I may even have people mad at me.

However, even as a person who overuses unfunny internet memes, at least i can tell that its time to stop.

If you wanna have a fight about it, then cash me ousside, how bow dah?

If all your base were belong to us, i wouldn't send you on the way to destruction.

And as much as that sounds like pure idiocy the message is not.

Please keep in mind, you can still be funny.

Trying to destroy others' creativity in the name of comedy is not the way chosen.

Some people may deserve it, sure.

I know, however, that people who have shown up for only a week and start being rude right off the bat--

THIS, my friend, is what is called by the American tongue as 'trolling'. However, someone who says their profile picture means that 'no fucks are given', and then makes it the stupidest looking face available; im sure that you would agree: if you weren't already a troll, you would most likely seem to be one ON the Internet as well.

Oh, and how old are you?
Because I'm pretty sure i have only seen you near an elementary school.

Yeah, sure, that sounds bad, but then when you act as if you have the maturity of a 12-year old, that isn't so fantastic.

I've seen smarter people DROP OUT of school. In your case, im sure you'd drop out from an airplane just to see how large of a hole you might create.

And i never said you would use a parachute. Though if you did, im sure wearing it backwards isn't what was intended.

Now, you may ask how 'low i may be stooping' to inuslt others.

I'm stooping to your level to prove a point, dipshit.

The point is, do not mock other people for their original characters or fan-made characters.

Though i must say, as good a job you do at trolling, there's been better.

Satire isn't based around insults, and belittlement.

Take The Simpsons for example. It is a form of satirical television that doesn't piss people off as a get-to-know present. It does have visual humor, vocal humor, even some remarks at other people or things.

Does it end up getting a lawsuit?

No. No it doesn't.

Neither did you, but you aren't doing as well. You aren't making people enjoy you to improve either.

One person watched you. As in they clicked the button out of pity or kindness or something.

That doesn't mean improvement. But thanks for starting your remarks.

Judge away, im not quite sure what to do. Should I block you? No, that would still leave the others to suffer.

I am spreading awareness of you.

Not to make you happy about the pageviews.

Maybe someone will report you.

I'm not going to fuck with this any longer, though.

I'm pretty fkn X-cited.
My dad was like
"ey u
i found a thing git up heer"
i did that
"its a cum-pooter"
and i said "pls yeh"
i gotta do some shit to pay back the other $44 i dont have for it
but besides that i have a mfkn cumpooter boi
hype in teh anus
its on the computer site for
so hell yeh
see u soon then


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Daniel Eck
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I came from Bradford Pennsylvania, and I live in [ADDRESS UNKNOWN]. I try not to think about my past, I otherwise spend time playing videogames. I rescued the Princess. I shot every Robot Master to hell. I found The Triforce. I was saved from Ridley by the last metroid. I killed Dracula. I killed the destroyer of worlds with 3 others who share my conscience. I transformed all of Robotnik's robots back into animals. I nearly killed my own brother for my girlfriend. I blasted down several space armadas. I found the Ring of Arkista. I am ripped from a diet of fruit and white pellet things I find on the ground while running from those who wish to kill me. I killed the Enderdragon. Reward? Sure! What do you mean, 'no'??!?


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